For over 2 decades, our Pastors have delivered the uncompromising Word of God to build a church that is full of love, full of faith, full of power, and full of praise.


Full of Love:

The number one priority of our church is LOVE. Jesus said it is the greatest commandment. John wrote that if you don’t love, then you don’t know God. 1 Corinthians 14:1 says, “Pursue love”. Loving God and loving one another is our continual pursuit.


Full of Faith:

Faith works by love. Because our pastors have been faithful to teach the greatest command, we are able to more fully understand and walk in faith. It is easy to believe God when we know how much He loves us.
To live by faith means believing God and believing that His ways are right and true and for our benefit. It takes continually renewing our minds from a fallen system and seeking God and His ways of doing and being right and then doing it His way. When we do this, it enables usto walk in the blessing that God ordained from the beginning. Our church strives to set an example of walking, talking, and living by faith.

Full of Power:

All things are possible to them that believe! When you have faith working by love, the anointing of God can flow in you and through you. Jesus told His disciples that signs would follow them that believe. Two things are needed for power – God’s Word and faith in God’s Word.
Our pastors have diligently taught us the Word of God – faith comes by hearing. They have also taught that they are here to train and equip us, the believers, for the work of the ministry. Our church is excited about what God can and will do through us. We are world changers and blessing dispensers. We will go into all the world to preach the gospel and make a difference!

Full of Praise:

Our church is passionate about praising and worshipping our King. We are not ashamed to worship with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
Our praise and worship team is not performance-driven but ministry-driven. They have revelation of the fact that they lead us through the gates of heaven and into the very courts of God.
Our pastors would say that our worship style is traditional. Traditional in the fact that David danced before the Lord unashamedly. Traditional in the fact that the Israelites played all manner of instruments in worshipping God. We praise and worship by singing, clapping, shouting, and dancing. To God be all glory!